A Charity that Empowers Children to dream

Eddies Teddies Incorporated

Eddies Teddies Inc is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing resources to underprivileged populations and to institutions that cater to these populations. We seek to provide teaching and learning aids, educational workshops/seminars and/or medical supplies to communities where there is either limited or no access to education and/or healthcare. We also seek to help or provide resources to renovate dilapidated infrastructure for these communities. 

Help Us Empower our future generation

Our Purpose

Providing Resources


Eddies Teddies provides children with school supplies and resources (such as school bags, books, pencils, etc). Many of these things we take for granted but for those who walk 3-7 miles daily to school, such simple tools are game changers. 

Building a global community


Understanding others' culture enables self growth and recognition of one's implicit biases. By bridging cultures we create a global community that empowers everyone to accept our differences and create a better society for our children. 

Empowering Children


By organizing book drives, establishing libraries, holding reading clinics and teaching kids the basics of reading, we are able to help our future generation build a strong foundation for their education. 

Help Our Cause

 Your support and contributions will enable us to reach children all over the world who don't have much. Your generous donation will help empower kids to dream. 

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